All the women know this issue. They love their purse, often it's huge. And they can't find what they're looking for in this bag. 

That's where SOI comes into play. SOI is the automatic handbag light. No buttons or switches. It illuminates automatically when you're searching for something and then goes off automatically, once you have found it.

SOI saves valuable time

A purse or handbag belongs to the essentials of every woman. It is a companion, an ever-present sanctuary for all those everyday items. As every woman knows, these items grow in number until it becomes hard to find them, costing valuable time. Bag lights with switches or mini torches do not offer a great deal of help. By the time these are found and activated, the item you actually looked for has probably long surfaced. High time for an illuminating solution, high time for SOI.

As a study reveals, "on average, a woman spends 76 days of her life searching in her bag". This is valuable time that SOI enables you to put to better use.

Sensor driven - how SOI works

Simply an approaching hand or a light tap causes SOI to light up. After ten seconds it turns off automatically, making switches or alike obsolete.